Who Wiped out The Electrical Vehicle?

Ever watch this movie; “Who Killed the Electric Car?” starring Ed Begley Jr. and Phyllis Diller; directed by Chris Paine. It’s an awful site for anyone who loves the environment. We hate to see the smog when we look out over a cities horizon, but we do. Cars are known to cause the most pollution out of any culprit. After learning this why are we still driving in those gas guzzling polluting machines? Well, this movie sheds a little bit of light on that.

The movie’s underlying message is all about the death and return of the electric car. It goes into the history of on particular electric car the Prius; where it began, how it sold at first, how it’s doing now, and how it will do in the future.

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Who Wiped out The Electrical Vehicle?

The film talks about why we have entered an age where we are almost completely dependent on foreign oil. Instead of buying cars that are energy efficient, people are more likely to buy huge SUV’s that suck down more gas than necessary. Obviously, if you walk around and look at the cars driving, you can see this in action. People are driving huge cars; why? Commercials will say that they are safe and insurance companies lower your premiums. If you are in the business world, you know that large cars sell for higher prices even if there is only a little more production cost. Companies have to stay competitive in the market. GM, in recent years, has had problems and need to make more money; thus, they need to sell the high marked items, not electric vehicles.

Although, the movie does shoe the bad side of the car companies and how they destroy the image of the electric car, there are others who see that the movie is not truthful. Like any documentary of this sort ( Like “Supersizeme”) some of the facts are very one sided. For example, one fact not mentioned is;10 years ago, electric cars were less effective because the batteries they ran on held less power. In addition, the price of the cars were about, 9 to over 4 per month which is pretty steep compared to other cars leaving it only to a small minority of car purchasers. Also, there are no numbers shown in the movie that coheres with there accusations. Finally, they never mention the fact that electric cars are powered by power plants which cause harm to the environment in the end anyway (the only difference is this is easier to control rather than 100k cars)

If you are interested in electric power and electric cars, I assume you will go off and watch this film. It is one side of the story that should be supplemented by other research. There are two sides to this conspiracy so you do need to see both sides. Read all the information including specifications of all the vehicles on the market today as well as in the past. Some of the information might get confusing like the drag coefficients and all of that but you can still learn a lot.

Who Wiped out The Electrical Vehicle?

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